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Hi! My name is Shanone, I live in Paris and I’m a student at European Business School based in the 15 district of Paris. Later I want to join a big international Company and work worldwide, even if I don’t know yet in what domain i want to specialize and what is my dream job. But, for me, i’m multi-tasker and i can work in different areas.I can also adapt myself easily to others in order to realize a final objectif.

I’m an interested person who loves discover new things, meeting new people, taste other gastronomies, going out, travelling all around the world. I’m also trustworthy with people I met and i like to take care of my family and my friends. I don’t have just one passion in my life, i’m a very open minded and curious person and I like many things in the world. I have a lot of interests like music (who is my favorite one), i love arts (like painting, sculpture, expositions..). I practiced many sports during my life like classical dance, horse riding, climbing, handball…and i love taking pictures!

Now I’m in San Francisco for 1 month for a program called « digital expedition » and i’m very lucky to do this. I wanted to go there because it was a great opportunity. We have several interesting curses with good professors who transmit us what they know. We have lean startup, digital marketing, coding (for the first time), 3D printed but also design thinking… I like the diversity of the program, we learn a lot of stuff and it’s a good experience for me. We also have one day trip at the silicon valley to discover the Google campus and Apple. I discover a new city with a different mentality, habits, way of living and this is very nourishing.

Next year it’s the international year so the first semester we have to find an internship for 20 weeks abroad. I would like to do it in London or in the United States. For the second semester I’m going to Mexico for an university exchange in La Puebla.

My interests:

My Inseec classes in San Francisco:

My article:

This is one of my favorite article, it talks about music and it explains why people, when they listening to music, love bass and how it’s work in our brain in a scientific point of view. So I choose this article because i love going to festival and listening to music. It allowed me to understand the mechanism of our brain at this moment.

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My Silicon Valley day trip:

Friday 23th, during one entire day we went to the Sillicon Valley to visit many interesting things like the Apple Campus, the Computer History Museum, the famous Google campus and the big university of Stanford. It was really rewarding and I learned a lot of things mostly in the Computer Museum which describe the whole electronical history of different domains like, typewriter, rocketspace, phones... and also different program languages that have been invented.

Shanone Rohayem Shanone Rohayem Shanone Rohayem

Some pictures of my travel in San Francisco:

Shanone Rohayem Shanone Rohayem Shanone Rohayem

Shanone Rohayem


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